March 25, 2024

Top 15 Iconic Logos with Handwritten Style Branding

Ditch boring fonts! This post explores 15 iconic logos that use handwritten styles to stand out. Discover how these logos build brand recognition and connect with customers on a human level.

The world of logos is a battlefield for brand recognition. According to a study, 72% of well-designed logos have the potential to become iconic symbols that transcend times, allowing brands to maintain relevance and resonance with consumers across generations.

Companies spend millions crafting visual identities that resonate with consumers and leave a lasting impression. Among these visual elements, handwritten logos occupy a unique space. They evoke a sense of warmth, authenticity, and personality that can be difficult to achieve with traditional typography.

In this article, we'll explore fifteen iconic logos that utilize fonts with handwritten style, delving into the design choices and brand messages they convey.

The power of handwritten fonts in logo design

Handwritten (cursive and script) fonts offer several advantages for logo design:

  • Sophistication and Elegance: The inherent grace of cursive script lends a sense of refinement and luxury to a brand. It's perfect for companies aiming to project a high-end image, like jewelry brands (Cartier) or luxury car manufacturers (Maserati).
  • Personality and Uniqueness: Cursive fonts can add a touch of individuality to a logo, setting your brand apart from competitors. The playful script of Milka's logo reflects the brand's fun-loving personality, while Ray-Ban's slanted cursive exudes coolness and confidence.
  • Memorability: A well-designed cursive logo can be highly memorable due to its unique flourishes and letterforms. Coca-Cola's iconic script is a prime example, instantly recognizable even without the brand name.

Choosing the Right Cursive Font

Not all cursive fonts are created equal. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the perfect cursive font for your logo:

  • Brand Personality: Match the font style to your brand's core values. A playful script might suit a toy brand (Barbie), while a more formal cursive would be ideal for a law firm.
  • Readability: Ensure the chosen font remains legible, especially at smaller sizes. Complex flourishes might look elegant but can hinder readability on packaging or marketing materials.
  • Versatility: Consider how the font will work across different applications, from print to digital media. Choose a font that translates well across various formats.

15 best cursive fonts for your brand’s logo design

Handwriting fonts, with their flowing lines and elegant flourishes, have a timeless quality that can elevate a brand's image. These fonts evoke a sense of sophistication, creativity, and even a touch of personality. While most of these fonts are custom handwritten designs, you’ll find some typefaces created to mimic the original.

1. Coca-Cola

The coca-cola logo with its cursive font written in red color

Coca-Cola's font used in its logo is arguably the most recognizable trademark on the planet. Its flowing script, with its distinctive curves and flourishes, transcends language and cultural barriers. Developed in 1885 by Frank Robinson, the logo's creator, Coca-Cola's bookkeeper, penned the name in his elegant Spencerian script

This simple choice has become a cornerstone of the brand's identity. The logo's timeless appeal embodies Coca-Cola's rich heritage and global reach, evoking a sense of nostalgia and familiarity in consumers worldwide.

2. Instagram

The instagram logo and the Instagram name with its cursive font on the side written in blue

Instagram's logo utilizes a simple and modern cursive font, with slightly thicker lines and a touch of informality. This modified cursive designed by Mackey Saturday feels friendly and approachable, reflecting the social and sharing nature of the platform. 

A gif that shows the former instagram logo font vs the new instagram logo font update

The logo font was updated a couple of years ago to feel more modern and become more distinctive. The former Instagram handwritten logo script was based on the Billabong font, now however the new custom lettering is unique to Instagram, but still maintains the familiarity, a balance that “respects the past” and has “the necessary evolution to become distinctive and proprietary” as declared by Mackey.

3. Ford

The Ford brand logo in a white handwritten cursive font

Like many logos in its time, the Ford logo was a hand-drawn design with cursive script. In 1907 Child Harold Wills designed the logo by using his grandfather’s stencil set.  The logo employs a flowing, custom design. The font's connected letters hint at a sense of continuity and forward motion, subtly referencing the brand's long history of innovation in the automotive industry.

4. Barbie

The Barbie logo font with its distinct pink color

The iconic doll brand's logo features a playful and bold cursive font, reflecting the brand's enduring popularity and focus on fun. Though designed as a custom hand-drawn design, there are fonts like Dollie Script, Brush Script, and Barbie Medium Italic that mimic the Barbie logo font style quite closely. 

The font's thick strokes and energetic loops embody the brand's association with fun, vibrancy, and a touch of youthful rebellion. The font is so famous that it has basically “stolen” the pink color for itself.

5. Maserati

Maserati brand logo and handwritten font

The Italian luxury car manufacturer, Maserati, employs a classic and elegant cursive script in its logo. This modified script, with its refined curves and balanced proportions, reflects the brand's focus on sophistication, performance, and timeless design. A close mimic to the Maserati font that gives a similar viber is the Raceway font.

6. Cadillac

Similar to Maserati, Cadillac utilized a flowing and elegant cursive script in its logo. This script font, however, has a slightly more pronounced flair, emphasizing the brand's association with American luxury and heritage. Nowadays however they primarily use a custom sans-serif font they designed called “Cadillac Gothic” which doesn’t have a cursive style.

7. Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban logo font / handwritten font / cursive font

The legendary sunglasses brand, Ray-Ban, uses a bold, slightly slanted custom cursive font in its logo. This custom design exudes a sense of coolness, confidence, and a hint of mystery, perfectly aligning with the brand's image. Ray-Ban also has developed a separate font family called “Ray-Ban Sans” for broader brand usage.

8. Disney

The evolution of the Walt Disney logos throughout the years from 1929 till now

The Walt Disney logo isn't a single, static script, but an evolution of them. Each variation has captured the brand's essence: wonder and enchantment. 

From Walt's personal touch in the early days to the modern, polished script, the logo uses a handwritten style to evoke fairy tales, artistry, and inclusivity. It's a timeless reminder of Disney's magical storytelling.

A picture of the Disney + logo and font with some movie previews on the background

A popular free font that is inspired by the lettering of the Walt Disney logo is the Waltograph font, it has a casual script that captures a bit of the Disney magic.

9. Lays

Lay's logo font and shome chips on the background / Lay's cursive font in logo

The potato chip giant, Lays, utilizes a bold and slightly condensed cursive typeface in its logo that gives a handwritten style feel. This condensed script creates a sense of familiarity and approachability, reflecting the brand's established presence and down-to-earth personality. A similar option to the Lays font is the Hobo font.

10. Nesquik

The Nesuqik logo font / a product of the Nestle brand

Nesquik's logo features a playful and energetic cursive font. This script, with its whimsical loops and variations in thickness, perfectly captures the spirit of the brand's young target audience and the fun associated with chocolate milk.

11. Milka

The Milka logo font / Milka chocolate brand cursive font written in white with a violet background

The chocolate brand Milka's iconic purple logo features a whimsical script font. This script's playful curves and variations in weight embody the brand's association with delicious treats, indulgence, and a touch of lightheartedness.

12. Vimeo

The vimeo logo with its blue cursive font on a white background

This video-sharing platform's logo utilizes a clean and modern cursive font. This script's balanced strokes and subtle curves convey a touch of artistry and creativity, aligning with Vimeo's focus on showcasing high-quality videos. The Vimeo font has a strong resemblance to the Black Rose font.

13. Christian Louboutin

The logo font of the Christian Louboutin brand / a mix of cursive font and sans serif font

The iconic shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, employs a bold and slightly flamboyant cursive handwritten font in its logo. This script, with its dramatic flourishes and variations in weight, reflects the brand's audacious style, high fashion status, and a hint of theatricality.

14. Salvatore Ferragamo

The Salvatore Ferragamo logo font; a handwritten cursive font in black

The Italian luxury shoe brand, Salvatore Ferragamo, featured a classic and sophisticated cursive font in its logo. This script's timeless elegance and balanced proportions emphasize the brand's heritage, craftsmanship, and commitment to quality. Just lately they’ve rebranded their logo to “Ferragamo” written with a custom-designed serif typeface.

15. Cartier

Cartier logo font - a handwritten cursive font

The renowned jewelry brand, Cartier, utilizes a delicate and refined cursive font in its logo. This script's fine lines and subtle curves embody the elegance, luxury, and timeless quality of Cartier's exquisite jewelry creations.

These were just a few examples of how handwritten style fonts can be used effectively in logo design. By choosing the right font and design elements, companies can leverage the power of cursive to create a logo that resonates with their target audience and leaves a lasting impression.

Tips for using cursive fonts effectively

  • Balance is Key: Cursive fonts can be visually dominant, so pair them with simpler elements to maintain balance in your logo design.
  • Whitespace Matters: Utilize whitespace effectively to allow the cursive lettering to breathe and enhance readability.
  • Consider Color: Experiment with color combinations to complement the chosen font and evoke the desired brand emotions.


In the cutthroat competition for brand recognition, handwritten fonts offer a powerful human touch. They stand out from the crowd of traditional typography, injecting logos with a dose of personality and individuality – a reflection of the creativity and craft behind the brand. 

These fonts tap into our inherent connection with the handmade, fostering a sense of warmth, approachability, and lasting memorability. But their power goes beyond aesthetics. By selecting a font that aligns with their core values, companies can forge a deeper bond with their target audience, building a bridge of connection between brand and consumer.

So, if you're looking to create a logo that resonates on a human level and leaves a lasting impression, consider the timeless appeal of a well-crafted handwritten font. Go to and find your font inspiration among the different famous world logo brands.

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